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Comprehensive Addiction & Mental Health Services

Your road to freedom

At First Step Recovery, Parkman Recovery, and Travco Behavioral Health, we believe that every person is worthy of recovery.

Together, we honor all paths to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, as well as mental health disorders, by taking a holistic, patient-centered approach to care. Our licensed professionals specialize in addressing addiction and mental health disorders (which can often co-occur) with evidence-based services, including medication-assisted treatment. We understand everyone’s path is different, and we provide an individualized treatment plan unique to each person.

First Step Recovery is a leading drug and alcohol addiction center in northeastern Ohio and one of the top in the state. We are a medically licensed, subacute inpatient detox and drug/alcohol addiction treatment center that provides highly-effective, evidence-based treatment.

Parkman Recovery Center is a sister company of First Step Recovery and is also one of Ohio's top drug/alcohol addiction treatment centers. They are medically licensed and offer many of the same services as First Step Recovery but in a small intimate setting. 

Travco Behavioral Health is a premier mental health and addiction treatment center that provides lasting healing outcomes for patients of all ages and their families who are affected by mental health issues and the disease of addiction. 

*Substance use treatment is available for clients ages 12+. Behavioral health services are available for clients ages 3 and older.